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About Camille
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Get to know me 

Have you ever had the experience of wondering who the person in the mirror is? Sometimes things happen that are just hard. One foot is placed in front of the other until, all of a sudden, the unforeseen happens. Several years ago, after eight years of widowhood, almost overnight, Eric entered the picture. And, Camille found love, a second time.


The couple became a team. Camille's closet became a suitcase. Traveling became her life.  It was then that Camille was able to finish a book already in progress,  What Do You Do Just For You, Just For Fun. With this series of  events, the beginning of a new journey into personal change and creative development exploded.  She began a life of travel to places unknown and unheard with Eric. It was a perfect time to explore a long ago dream of personal expression through the arts. New doors opened and a worldview has changed. And because of this, there was a desire to share her thoughts and experiences. What better way to do this than through a blog?


Come join me on the journey. 


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