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Do you like to read? Check out my book below. Click on What Do You Do Just for You Just for Fun?  

Do you like to travel? Read my travel blog My Joyful Jaunts. Click on the photo below.

Do you like inspiration? Read my blog Thoughts on One-Liners. Click on the photo below.

Do you like artwork? Visit my Shop. Click on the link at the top. If you see something you like that is out of stock, please contact me. Commission work is also accepted.

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Finding My Passion
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Stop and Smell the Roses

From my book:

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Camille Callahan

Camille is very passionate about the things she loves. Some of those are art, writing and speaking. Her art and her blog,  Joyful Jaunts, come from another passion - travel. Thoughts on One Liners is a blog to inspire, ponder and improve. Her book, What do you do just for you - just for fun?  invites the reader to consider that question. Put her on a stage to talk about these things and she's in seventh heaven! 

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