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Birds Sing After the Storm

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We had the unique opportunity of spending time in a lovely lakeside town in Mexico called Ajijic. It’s a beautiful place with flowers everywhere. We spent part of the rainy season there and something happened that I found to be quite odd. It would rain, torrents sometimes, all during the night. Then, almost always, by 9AM, the storm would be gone and it would be beautiful the whole day. One particular night there was an incredible storm. I was awakened by thunder at 3:30 in the morning. I was awake for at least an hour, as I remember looking at my phone to check the time. For that entire hour, the thunder never stopped. It sounded as though a jet plane was hovering over our house. Thankfully, once the thunder died down a bit, I was able to fall back asleep. As often happened while we were at this house, I awoke to the sound of a bird outside the french doors of our bedroom that led to the garden. Birds don’t sing during a storm.

Not one of us escapes life without going through the storms. Sometimes the storms might be just a drizzle. Other times the storm can shake us to the core. Going through challenging times is part of living. It might be something as hurtful as a harsh word from a good friend or sibling. It might be as bitter as a missed promotion. It could be as devastating as the loss of someone dear.

Whatever the challenge, for as long as it continues, holding onto and waiting for the storm to pass allows the birds to sing. We can experience the joy of the song after the storm. Some would call it hope, others faith. Some refer to it as one day at a time. Others might say the light at the end of the tunnel. Call it what you will, an end eventually does come. It certainly may not be easy and might require effort and strength we didn’t know we possessed.

We have within ourselves the unique ability to rebound and find joy. I think it’s often a choice. I could have chosen not to listen to the bird. Instead, I did listen. I heard that bird communicate with other birds. This bird would send out a call time and time again. Each time, I would hear a response that sounded like it came from a different location. It was as though this bird was checking in with all the other birds up and down the lakeside. Perhaps the bird wanted to know how all the other birds in the area were doing after that tremendous storm.

Our challenges can make us better. We can learn from our experiences. We can be inspired to try new things. We can love more deeply, we can forgive more fully. We can truly empathize with others going through the same difficulty, thereby strengthening each other. Like the bird, we can sing in the morning knowing we have weathered the storm.

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