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Finding My Passion

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The snowball was growing! The Impact Training gave me a newfound feeling of confidence. I was now willing to step into the dark and venture out into a new world. Exactly where this new world would lead was not clear. I stopped working full time and went part time. That was a very big step into the dark. Could I survive on half of my income and have the freedom to pursue other adventures? It was a risk I was willing to take. It was also something I would not have dreamed of doing just six months previously. I enjoyed my comfort zone. This was stretching that comfort zone very thin. But it was time to leave mediocrity behind. I believed I had far more talents to offer the world than sitting at a computer doing data entry for eight hours a day.

For many years I had contemplated writing a book. My oldest son Jason would ask on occasion, “Mom, when are you going to write that book you’ve talked about for so long?” I now had time to do that. I had gone through this amazing transformation. It was so phenomenal that I wanted to share it. But how was I to begin? I really had no clue. Oddly enough, the answer came in October 2014, almost exactly one year from the start of Ms. Wings.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of how I ended up in Bismarck, North Dakota other than to say I thought it would be something other than what it was. Dreams of a financially successful trip had evaporated long before I arrived. I woke up in the hotel room that first morning and said to myself, “What am I going to do here for eight days?” My answer came from my inner voice. “Go out and start talking to people.” I instantly knew what this meant. This was how I would write my book. I could ask people questions that would give me ideas to put in the book.

Starting that day, and every day while I was there, I would venture out and talk to strangers. I went to the two shopping centers in Bismarck. Well, maybe one of those could be classified as a shopping center. The other had more vacancies than opened shops. Guess what I found? This was fun! I enjoyed talking and listening to the things people told me. My notebook was filled with ideas of things people do for enjoyment and happiness. I went back home energized!

I told my kids about this and how much fun I was having. Jason suggested I record my conversations rather than just taking notes. That was like a great idea! But how was I to do that? “Mom, you use your phone as a phone. It’s computer. It has a built in recording device.”

“Wow! Really?” It only took a moment for him to show me how at use that feature and everything changed again. I didn’t need to translate these experiences. I just needed to transcribe them. How fun this was! I was having a blast! The stories I heard were marvelous. Some were so comical I couldn’t keep myself from laughing. Others were inspiring and uplifting. Some times I felt like I was meant to talk with certain people and hear what they had to share. I was truly finding joy in this journey. Corey had told me once to find my purpose. If I didn’t know that purpose, I should find my passion and my passion would lead me to my purpose. That has become a powerful thought for me.

Work on the book continues. It has truly become a passion.

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