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Ice and Icebergs

One of my joys of life with Eric is the opportunity to see things I never dreamed of seeing. I can honestly say I never even thought about seeing an iceberg! It happens pretty much every year here in Newfoundland.

This one is small. It's close to where we are staying, only about 30 minutes away.

This one is much, much bigger. This one is in Ferryland. We drove here on Sunday, May 7. It had been sitting in the bay for a month or more. If you would like to see other photos, google Ferryland Iceberg 2023. It really is just one iceberg. I'll add a couple more photos.

This maybe gives an idea of how far out it is.

This one was taken from a hill across the way. There is a lighthouse on this hill, but a filming company had closed the path to the public. Maybe we'll try it another day, but I would think the iceberg will be gone by then, but that will depend on the weather and the tides.

Two weeks earlier we had driven up to Bonavista hoping to see icebergs floating in the ocean, perhaps even seeing them move? But it was overcast and foggy so visibility was limited. Even so, the view was amazing.

And it was COLD! And very windy.

On the way to Bonavista, we saw ice flows in the bays of the small towns. Something else I had never seen before. This is in Melrose.

This is also Melrose. I tried to zoom in one the piece of ice that looked like a swan. Couldn't get the timing right to see waves crash underneath the arch at the back. An interesting fact about the ice flows: the temperature is be greatly affected by these. Wind, which is almost constant here, comes from the ocean to the bay. As it moves over the ice, just like an air conditioner, it takes that cold air inland. So if there is ice in the bay, it's most likely very cold in the town.

I was going to add some photos that might show the wind and the waves, but those photos were at a lighthouse, so I think that will be another post, just for lighthouses!

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