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Not the Usual Christmas Letter

My Christmas tree with various nativity scenes on and beneath the tree.

When I was a teenager, which was many years ago, Christmas cards were sent to dear friends and family. They were carefully selected and each contained a handwritten message of love and caring and sharing. My parents had many friends and relatives who sent cards.

They were wonderful to look at and read. Mom often kept many of them, placing them in the boxes of Christmas decorations after the holidays. She was known to take some of those cards from the previous year and cut them into small gift tags. One year I asked if I could use some to decorate a bulletin board I had in my bedroom. Mom was ok with that and I selected maybe half a dozen to place on the board.

I covered the board with red fabric and placed tinsel all around the edges. I also had a small strand of Christmas lights draped across the top and falling down each side. I then placed my carefully selected cards on the board. I loved the Christmas cheer this decoration and the small tree I had gave to my room.

The cards were all beautiful to look at. Most of them were a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas-a celebration of our Savior’s birth. A few touched my heart. I wish I had kept some of them. One I remember had a painting of a candlestick and talked about the light that shines in the darkness giving light to all the world, a representation of the light of Christ.

Another card had a message I found to be thought provoking. I’m not sure if I have it completely correct, but it went something like this:

They wanted a king

And were given a babe.

They wanted a coronation

And were given a star.

They wanted victory

And were given love.

What “they” didn’t understand was they got all they wanted, they just didn’t realize it. He was not the political victory they wanted. He was the King, born in a stable, and announced by a star. He was welcomed by shepherds and worshiped by kings.

He is the light that fills the world. He is love. He is majesty. He is our Lord and King. May you find light, love and peace this Christmas season and may it accompany you throughout all your days.

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