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Would You Say That Again?

This is a photo of a cutting board in my kitchen at our apartment. I've shown this to a few people and they have all been familiar with these sayings. I even heard one of them myself today! I had parked, and a gentleman asked me to move as he was removing a piece of metal and didn't want to run the risk of it hitting my car. I had to get out of my car, go to his truck and ask him to repeat what he had said. His accent was pretty strong. He asked where I was from. After I told him he said, "Yes, Bye!" I would not have understood that if one of my friends here had not explained the saying previously. He could have said "You don't say?" or "Really?" which would mean about the same thing.

Any mummers lowed in!

"Lowed in" would be "allowed in". I needed explanation about mummers. The best way of describing this (from my limited understanding!) is that it is like an adult costume trick or treat at Christmas time. Friends will go to visit one another disguised. The face will be covered. There will be treats (small cakes or cookies or biscuits) and a drink called Syrup. There's a company in Newfoundland that makes biscuits and syrup. It's a flavored sugary concentrate that you add to water, or some people might add it to something stronger! I heard about this because one day as I was volunteering at the local thrift store, the lady I was with got a bit excited about the "mummers" that had been donated. These are made on wooden clothespins, the old-fashioned ones that have the rounded end. They are Christmas tree ornaments. She bought about 6 of them to give to her children and/or grandchildren and she told me about this tradition.

That will be the end of the photos here, but hopefully you will keep reading! I'll try to keep it short. From what I can understand thus far, Screeched In is like an initiation ceremony to welcome you to Newfoundland. It involves drinking something. I heard cod liver oil and decided I'd pass!

She's Gone By happens to us all, especially as we get older. The thought was there, and then it's gone.

See Ya Da Once I'll see you shortly

Who Ya Longs To Someone might say this questioning who raised you if you do something questionable or out of character.

Yes Maid or Yes my Dear or Yes love. These are all used frequently. I could ask directions along the street, or ask where to find something in a store. "It's on the top shelf, my love." I don't know that we say things like this much in the West, but Southerners use something similar. I've grown accustomed to it and love hearing it from those who have more of the Irish in their voice!

What Odd's! It will all work out.

Go On Bye! Or in other words, "That's incredible!"

Laud Tundering Something's gone back, you'd better get out of here!

Cooking Up A Scoff or a big feast.

Loves Me Shed That would be a man talking about his shed. I usually only see a garage on a newer house. But a shed, there's one on most properties. Let's call it a "man cave." Very important here! The man's gotta have his shed!

You might be able to figure out most of these. It reminded me of some of the sayings I heard years ago when I was in Scotland. These were not only interesting and entertaining, but brought back some memories - all because of a cutting board!

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